New Kid on the Block: Ever After

Haro Keledjian and Sari Sloane Keledjian, former owners of Intermix, have opened Ever After in the former Dean’s pizzeria space on Greenwich. Like Intermix, Ever After is a boutique with clothing and accessories from various brands, but for ages 4 to 16.

“It’s a passion project—a big passion project, but a passion project just the same,” says Sari. “We love fashion, we love retail, we have kids, and we saw a void. Once your kids are out of baby clothes, there’s nowhere in the neighborhood—nowhere in the city—where you can buy everything for school, weekend, pajamas, and vacation, all in one space. When we lived in Tribeca, we shopped in all the stores, and this is the next step. There’s just not a lot for 8-year-olds and up.”

The store is huge, with 3,500 square feet of sales floor and large dressing rooms. (“Kids are loving them,” says Sari. “And they usually hate having to try stuff on.”) Once the fall deliveries come in, the merchandise will likely end up being 60 percent for girls. “There’s enough variety so that kids won’t all be dressing the same,” says Sari, adding that customer service will be a point of difference, particularly compared to shopping online. “I’ve done my share, and I’m sick of all the boxes coming and going, of trying to get the right size. We’ll be able to really help you.” (That said, shoppers will also be able to buy on the store’s website.) And Ever After plans on hosting events, perhaps as often as one per weekend; the first, on April 29, is a patching workshop, where kids can customize bags and backpacks.

As with Intermix, this will not be a standalone store. In August, Ever After will open its second and third locations on the Upper East Side and Long Island.

Ever After is at 349 Greenwich St. (between Harrison and Jay); 212-226-6386;

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  1. This breaks my heart. I can buy everything at Torly Kid all in one space and support the owner who is so committed to Tribeca and philanthropy in general.

  2. Am thrilled to have discovered this store yesterday! what a gem of exciting bits and pieces – so much to buy. Expensive but kids will go crazy in here. Well done…..