Seen & Heard: Tablao’s Farewell Note

••• As expected, Tablao has closed; Il Mulino is opening a restaurant there. (According to Judy, it’ll be a branch of the Il Mulino Prime steakhouse brand.)

••• The note saying that Acappella would reopen has been taken down.

••• The Cosmopolitan Hotel opted for fairly discreet signage.

••• The refugee children in JR’s mural overlooking 100 Franklin are being erased.

••• The silverblob‘s plaza looks nice and ready.



  1. Is anyone actually living at 56 Leonard?

  2. The erasing of the mural is not correct. Someone put some huge graffiti at the bottom of the mural in red letters, most of which were indiscernible, but which included the word “Iraq.” The white paint is covering where the red graffiti was.