Seen & Heard: Hudson Eats Lost Its First Tenant

••• The manager of Weather Up was photographed carrying a stuffed peacock on the subway, and people got very excited about it. This is the photo he posted to prove it was him in the original photo.

••• Little Muenster has closed its location inside Hudson Eats. It always seemed like the weakest one in the herd, but the location—in the very rear—couldn’t have helped.

••• The semi-planted Irish Hunger Memorial.

••• Sorry to see that JP’s Nuts & Candy closed a few days early. I was hoping to stock up.

••• Wish I had seen this (on Lafayette) when I posted about the joy of hand-painted advertising.

••• The bollards and Duane and W. Broadway are back, and now there are speed bumps that cars and buses can run over, too.