Seen & Heard: Ecco Is in Gas-Line Limbo

••• Ecco is also stuck in gas-line limbo.

••• Harry & Ida’s Luncheonette posted a teaser shot of the interior on Instagram.

•••I was pleased to see that Fantasy Fruits is back at the Saturday Tribeca Greenmarket. And there’s a new shrimp vendor, Eco Shrimp Garden, which farms shrimp indoors in Newburgh, N.Y.

••• Le Botaniste is opening at 125-127 Grand: “Healthy delicious plant-based organic food & natural wine bar. A responsible food concept that cares about health and our planet. A positive way to appreciate food. 100% Botanical, 99% Organic, Gluten-free.” The food is served in bowls, because millennials have something against plates. The first outpost was on the Upper East Side.

••• Western Spirit appears to be trying to sublet.

••• Even after a notice about $300,00 in overdue rent was posted in February, the signage for Pulia at the World Trade Center mall was still up, so there was hope the Italian food store might work things out. That hope is gone.

••• I don’t know what’s going on 110 Franklin, but the paint has been removed from that terrific window next to the door.



  1. I wonder if Ecco will ever reopen? this place has been on Chambers since the 80s! I hope this isn’t permanent like the chicken place on Greenwich and Duane never reopening.