Seen & Heard: VCafé Has Reopened

••• VCafé has reopened after a gas-line issue.

••• The note on the door at Bouley, which is now being used for private events:

••• I never heard back from the PR rep for Alumnae shoe company, which seems to be opening a shoe store at 60 Hudson. Now the hours and “” are gone from the window, but the paper is off the windows and there are shoes inside. (P.S. I assume that the papered-over area above the door says “Alumnae.”)

••• Seaport ice cream news: There’s paper in the windows of 224 Front, where Van Leeuwen is opening, and if soft-serve is your thing, the Big Gay shipping container is on Front Street in the Seaport District (a temporary shop in advance of its forthcoming permanent location elsewhere in the mall).

••• A. Bergenfeld commented that “The Civil Service Book Shop formerly in Tribeca for over 60 years, was forced to relocate to the West Village due to construction hazards surrounding the store from adjacent properties. Now the book shop is sharing a store at 34 Carmine Street, N.Y.”

••• Melet Mercantile moved its showroom from 76 Franklin to L.A.

••• Arcade Bakery is about to take its month-long summer break. If you’re not sure how to freeze bread, the New York Times has the answer (along with a primer on how to make toast).



  1. Ice cream @ 224 Front?
    Are you sure it’s not Front 242?

    (Sorry; industrial music joke)

  2. Thanks for the update on the Civil Service Bookstore. I am happy they are open in some form – they were unique!