Seen & Heard: Now That’s a Terrace

••• Totally. (On a nice day, anyway.)••• Update #1: The owner of 135 Reade, Bruce Barasky, categorically denied that he’s interested in selling (and I believe him). The only explanation for the listing that I can come up with is that the broker has jumped the gun, hoping to bring a deal to Barasky that he’d be unable to resist.

••• Update #2: A reader says that the building with the squatter is most definitely 465 Washington, and that kids have also been having parties there.

••• DeeDee noticed that the Edible Arrangements on Duane has closed.

••• Pirch, the home appliance and fixture showroom at Lafayette and Broome, has also closed. The note on the door says the company has decided to “exit all non-CA markets with immediate effect.”

••• From M.: “Because I do not know who else to reach out to perhaps you can help shed some light on this. The huge generators on the sidewalk outside of the McDonald’s on Chambers St between Greenwich and W Broadway have to go. I have called 311 a couple times to no avail. They are loud and obstruct the sidewalk. They’ve been there for months now and I don’t understand why this is allowed. It’s basically right outside our window and we’re really at our limit at this point… Please call attention to this if there is any way you can.” I did mention them (I think they’re air conditioners) back in August, but all the media attention in the world isn’t going to make a difference. I suggested that M. contact Community Board 1 to see which city agency would (presumably) have to approve the use of the sidewalk/street like this. (DOB? DOT?) CB1 might also have a contact at the agency, so you don’t have to take your chances with 311. And if M. lives in the building, he/she should absolutely be giving his management company an earful about it.



  1. Regarding the horrible McDonald’s generators, I found the best way to get 311 to respond is to bring a “life/safety” issue to their attention. If the public is in danger, 311 is quick to respond. (i.e. – last spring I know of a contact to 311 regarding the awning above Laughing Man. It was dangerous, as pieces were falling onto people. After the call, the roof was replaced surprisingly fast – and looks beautiful I might add.)

    You might also try the building’s management company…

  2. Maybe call aggreko? The dot issues permits for occupancy of the sidewalk. If 5 feet are available, it’s kosher.

    Good news is summer will end and the generator will disappear. Also dot holiday embargo bans most permits and tow materials in the roadway and sidewalks to assist traffic in the most congested time of the year.

    Yes it’s loud, but that’s more of a dep complaint. 311 has rarely filed complaints on the dob bis system which tracks complaints to issue inspectors and violations.

  3. I have been in touch with the Director of Operations of the franchise owner on behalf of my building (I’m on the board) and they are supposedly being removed next week sometime (week of 11/5). They had a city permit fwiw.