Seen & Heard: 40-Foot-Tall Sculptural Canopy on Pier 17

••• So is it a fox, wolf, or bear?

••• Gigantic Productions appears to have moved out of 11 Jay. Anyone know what, if anything, is moving in?

••• Opening November 15 at hpgrop Gallery: “New York based Japanese artist Takahiro Yamamoto will exhibit his latest super-realistic oil painting series, Aging Painting. Time (and the experiences that go hand in hand with it) changes the same object into something different. By faithfully recreating photographs with precise intention, down to every worn and aged detail, these works embody their own sense of uniqueness and singularity in spite of being recreations. They embody a question Yamamoto has invested in—is there something to be gained in seeing them side by side with their originals?”

••• Something calling itself “Blue Steel”—let’s pray it’s not Zoolander 3—is filming in the Church/Duane area on Monday.

••• At Thursday night’s meeting of the Community Board 1 Landmarks Committee, the Howard Hughes Corporation presented its plan for a stage canopy atop Pier 17. (It had wanted to most of the roof with a glass canopy, but that was rejected.) As you can see in the renderings for Achim Menges‘s design, this only covers a small part—but it goes forty feet into the air. (The yellow part in the third slide indicates public area; it surrounds restaurant space that will also receive canopies, but far less dramatic ones. The two-thirds to the right will sometimes be open to the public, and sometimes not.

••• Also at the CB1 Landmarks meeting: The architect working on the renovation of 70 Franklin presented plans for the replacement of the storefront, but the committee wanted renderings and sample materials, so it was held over. But the owner is also planning to use granite slabs for the sidewalk on Franklin Place (if the Landmarks Preservation Commission OKs it).



  1. It’s a rare Siberian Pear (a cross between a pig and a bear).

  2. Clearly, the figure at the top is ManBearPig. My understanding is that it was once native to “TriBeCa”.

  3. Very funny. Now extinct: The TriBeCa ManBearPig! Where did he go? Who killed him off!