New Kid on the Block: Burger N Grill

The folks behind tiny, popular Lahore Deli on Crosby Street have opened a restaurant on Church. Its full name, according to the sign, is Burger N Grill in Pakistan Tea House, but it’s going by just Burger N Grill—even though the food tilts heavily toward Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. The menu is limited while they finish getting set up, but they’re open for business. Pop in to say hi and you might be offered a dollop of the tasty dal. P.S. I was unfamiliar with the word “desi” on the sign. It means “a person of Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi birth or descent who lives abroad.” (Thanks to B. for the samosa photo.)

Burger N Grill is at 176 Church (between Duane and Reade); 646-998-5998.

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  1. Just ate at the new incarnation of Pakistan tea House earlier today. So delicious. Thanks for writing about it. Now I can get my samosas fix in the neighborhood instead of tracking up to Lahore in SoHo. Yippee!