The Sketchbooks of Gavin Snider

Gavin Snider loves to draw, as you can see from the work he posts on Instagram and Twitter. Of local note: A series of drawings of buildings in the area, which he photographs held up in front of the buildings. Visit his website to buy a print or inquire about a commission.

You work in the area, right?
I’ve been with Jonathan Schloss / Architect for about two and a half years. We’re a small architecture firm, and a number of our residential and commercial projects are in Tribeca.

What draws you to a building or moment?
It’s about the experience of drawing as much as it is about the building or subject itself. I remember the weather, the light, the season, the people I meet while I’m drawing. It’s refreshing to have a period of detailed observation, of seeing, where you are focused on one challenge and nothing else is on your mind.

Sometimes I seek out a building that I pass every day and want study more closely. Or I’ll pick a place on the map, a landmark or a neighborhood on the that I’ve never been to and go out of my way to draw it on a weekend afternoon. I’ll walk around, find a hiking trail or visit a bar or a restaurant afterward. Sometimes I’ll meet a dozen people, sometimes no one.

What do you draw with?
For my on-site drawings, I use a ballpoint pen, sharpie and Chartpak Ad markers in a hardbound sketchbook.

Why hold up the drawing in front of the scene rather than just post the drawing?
I think that it’s the best way to share that experience with others, rather than simply posting my interpretation of it.

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