Seen & Heard: Y7 Yoga Studio Opens Monday

••• The Y7 “hip-hop yoga” studio at 57 Leonard opens this Monday, February 12.

••• East Village udon specialist Raku is opening at 48 Macdougal (Houston/Prince).

••• Doors of Downtown is an Instagram account you might enjoy. Below: Franklin Street. And there are more doors of Tribeca here.

••• I was poking around RKF’s website when I came across a listing for the retail space at 45 White, where La Petite Ecole is. It says possession can be had as soon as July 1.

••• The reader known as Hudson River took a photo of a mountain of discarded clothing in the Oculus that’s apparently promoting a deodorant.

••• I was sorry to see that menswear store Odin has closed its store at Grand and Centre. The sign is unclear: Is Odin’s “new store” somewhere else? Or does that refer to this space, after it’s renovated?



  1. The clothing trash mountain is an ad? I was hoping it was designed to raise awareness of the environmental problem of disposable clothing and “fast fashion”.

    • I think you can assume that almost anything happening on the floor of the Oculus is paid marketing. In this case, a deodorant brand (or something like that) is promoting itself by aligning with a cause. Why the mall would want to encourage people to shop less, of course, is a mystery.