Seen & Heard: Chambers Street Wines Expansion

••• I don’t know who’s responsible for these trees—Friends of Washington Market Park, the Parks Department, or Stellar Management—but I hereby offer my bag-snagging services if anyone has a ladder (because the tool tends to get stuck on branches).

••• Thanks to TK for reminding me that there’s another empty retail space (below), west of P.J. Clarke’s, at 250 Vesey—it’s undoubtedly where Seamore’s is opening.

••• And after I posted about the little we know about the restaurant/bar coming to 112 Hudson, a reader told me he/she heard it’ll be a sushi restaurant. That makes two.

••• I poked around the Department of Buildings website to see if there was any info about what’s opening in the former Shelter Chic space at 79 Chambers, and lo and behold, the tenant is listed as David Lillie of Chambers Street Wines. “It’ll primarily be a storage facility for our stock, with some back-office space,” he said, dashing all hope for a speakeasy.

••• Love this illustration Suzii Chan did of Kaffe 1668 South. Maybe she’ll do a whole series of neighborhood portraits….

••• The windows at 37 Warren have been papered, but there’s nothing online. Anyone know what’s going in there? That’s a big space.

••• It’s going to be so interesting to see how 100 Franklin changes that block of Sixth Avenue, creating a straight-ish street wall where there used to be a staggered one, because of the parking lots.



  1. Re: Chambers St Wines, it doesn’t make sense that given the current state of high rents that a storefront would be used for “storage”.

  2. Suzii Chan’s work is amazing. She did our holiday card this past year and has done amazing work for weddings/bridal parties/baby announcements! Such talent.

  3. I just asked a Stellar Management maintenance staffer about the plastic in the trees. According to him, the trees are not Stellar’s responsibility. He says he and his colleagues usually use their forklift to clear them anyway, but the plastic is too high to reach this time—so they called the city and are waiting to hear back.