Amada Will Be Closing

Remember how we were convinced that Seamore’s seafood restaurant is opening in the storefront next to P.J. Clarke’s, on North Cove Marina? At last night’s meeting of the Community Board 1 Licensing Committee, Seamore’s founder Michael Chernow announced that he had signed a lease just hours previously for the Amada space on Vesey.

Amada is still open for now. When it debuted in the spring of 2016, it marked Philadelphia celebrity chef Jose Garces’s first restaurant in New York City. The 7,000-square-foot space may have proved too big for the Spanish restaurant, but Chernow said he plans on keeping the layout basically the same, except he’ll add a bar to the patio on Vesey. (The current Bocadillo sub-storefront, it seems to me, might make for a good takeout operation.) “We’re gunning to opening in June or July,” said Chernow.

UPDATE: Jon found a Philadelphia magazine article that says Garces is in financial straits.



  1. For the prices they need to charge to stay in business, too many of these places (Amada included) have issues that should be easily rectified but aren’t, like sub-par food and horrible service.

    I’m a pretty laid back customer but I can’t recall the last time I’ve been to a restaurant in BPC/Tribeca where I thought the service was great and way too many times feeling like it was somewhere between meh to bad.

  2. I will miss Amada and thought the food was wonderful every time I went and never had a problem with the service. Seamore’s however, will be a nice addition to the neighborhood and I think will do quite well at this spot.

  3. Amada was my favorite of all the new places in BPC and the service and food was always fine. I will miss the anchovies. Does anybody know why they are closing? They always seemed busy, unlike Parm. I thought for sure that Seamore’s would be taking over Parm, which is usually empty in the evenings.

  4. I’m glad to see it go. Never liked it – the food was cheap and nasty! Le District has the best food in the neighborhood – I don’t see Seamores being too much competition for Le District – especially in the Summer with the terrace on the waterfront.

  5. Very sorry to see Amada go. One of the few places in the neighborhood with a distinctive menu that didn’t issue from a corporate food factory. We always had great service from Natalia. Will miss her, too.

  6. Perhaps this sheds some light on why Amada, a seemingly busy and successful restaurant, is closing.

  7. So sad to see Amada go. I found the food unique and held somewhat true to its ethnic flavor. (And no, it does not compete with El Vez which is Mexican, Tex Mex at best). Especially when you think about brunch and everyone serves up Eggs Benedict, Amada held its ground and has a more diverse offering. It’s true the service was very hit or miss though but the food was always solid. Understandably, not everyone has a palate for anchovies (which we love). Hopeful for the new Seamore. But just as importantly – how is Parm not out of business yet? That place is horrendous!

  8. Good riddance. Food was so subpar. But prices thru the roof and for Tapas, something that is free in Spain.