Seen & Heard: Another Restaurant Has Become a Co-Working Space

••• Last month, when the leaning tower of Tribeca (287 Broadway) came out from under its veil for the first time in many years, Nick asked when the building will be finished. You can get a better look from the east side of Broadway—better than this photo shows—and the answer is clearly not anytime soon.

••• Tomorrow (Sunday) on Broadway: The International Gift of Life Walk, which supports limiting women’s rights to control their own bodies.

••• My husband ordered something from Aether, and when UPS driver tried to deliver it and no one was here, he took it to the Namira souvenir shop on Church, where Adam was told to pick it up. Two questions: Has anyone else had this happen? And paying for shipping now gets you one attempt?

••• From the Port Authority via Community Board 1: “Starting Monday, April 2, the Port Authority’s World Trade Center Construction Department will close Liberty Street (between Trinity and Greenwich) for approximately 10 weeks. Local Liberty Street traffic will utilize Cedar Street.”

••• It’s nice to see the clock at 108 Leonard (346 Broadway) lit up. Maybe it’s been lit up for a while now—I may not have walked down Broadway after dusk since last fall.

••• Looks like Tutto Il Giorno is now a co-working space during the day on weekdays. According to to Spacious website, the restaurant will be serving lunch again soon: “Coming soon, Tutto Spuntino will provide delicious Rustic Italian cuisine in the bar area from 12pm-3pm, M-F. Spacious members and Tribeca goers alike can enjoy this new, local lunch offering.” (The first restaurant referred to in the headline is Distilled, which KettleSpace uses during the day.)



  1. Re UPS. Yes they leave the packages at stores now in mostly Chinatown or Tribeca.

  2. Re UPS: Recently had the same experience. Had to pick up package myself at dry cleaner’s on Reade, 6 blocks away. Very inconvenient.

  3. UPS once left my package at the bodega on Canal and W. Broadway. The store then lost it.

  4. Re: clock, it’s been lit up for a while, but still does not have the correct time (as of this past Friday, anyway!)

  5. Namira is one of many “UPS Access Point” locations in the city. Scheduling a return trip to redeliver a package is expensive from the UPS end (fuel, vehicle wear/tear, time, etc.), and keeping missed deliveries takes up room. Returning a package after multiple missed attempts, even more money.

    These access points basically work as virtual doormen, same as the Amazon Lockers which you can have your Amazon orders delivered to.

    Pro-tip: for gifts you order online, the Amazon lockers and delivering to a UPS Access Point make for great delivery addresses, even if you have a doorman. No risk of a present being opened by accident.

  6. Is Liberty Street closing so they can finally complete the road along 4 WTC? The extreme barricade overload along Tower 4 have been an extreme eye sore and pain in the a**.

  7. I work in Logistics for a retail company. Alee is right in that UPS/FedEx will do whatever they can to minimize re-delivery attempts. However, the shipper (Aether or their fulfillment company) controls this behavior. Sometimes drivers will go rogue, but it’s more likely UPS has offered them lower rates in exchange for dropping packages at authorized pick-up centers. Express your displeasure to Aether; they can change the delivery requirements with UPS.