Seen & Heard: A Better Look Inside Trader Joe’s

••• Cass Lilien’s note to the thief who broke into her atelier is worth a read. (Click on it.)

••• Grand Banks opens Friday at 4 p.m. for drinks. (Food will follow at a later date.)

••• I enjoyed dinner at Frenchette last week, in particular the marinated anchovies, the white asparagus with gribiche, and the service throughout. I was confused by the baguette, however; it was supposed to be from Arcade Bakery, but was denser and moister than Arcade’s. Turns out that Arcade is baking a special baguette for Frenchette—basically its pear-vanilla baguette without the pear and vanilla. (P.S. How Eater’s critic could consider Frenchette “one of the quietest restaurants I’ve been in lately” is beyond me, however. The place was loud in the way I’d expect a hot new restaurant to be, with few soft surfaces to absorb the sound.)

••• Two more peeks inside the Trader Joe’s opening on Spring Street, just west of Sixth Ave. There are 29 registers visible. The store is around 19,000 square feet.

••• This coming Saturday, in honor of Earth Day, Friends of Duane Park is holding a paper-shredding event (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)—and someone even wrote a poem for the occasion:

Give us your torn, your private,
Your huddled papers yearning to be shredded free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming file cabinet.
Send these, the dog-eared, tempest-tossed to Duane Park,
And we’ll shred them.

••• Anyway Café has opened an outpost on Broome, at Thompson. I guess I haven’t walked that block in a while, because Google Maps shows it there back in September of 2017.

••• Paintings by Lucy Mink are on view at Barney Savage Gallery through April 29.



  1. Cass WILL be fine! She’s awesome and so is her work. Fellow readers: The jewelry in her “Morse Code” collection makes for such a unique and fun customized gift–look:

  2. Any thought on when the Trader Joe’s may open?

    • There’s rarely any way to tell when anything will open. Trader Joe’s started hiring around April 7, but there’s none of the trademark Trader Joe’s decor yet (or products on the shelves, that we can see). So I’d guess another two to three weeks at least.

  3. Does anybody know when the “family festival” is at the Tribeca Film Festival? Can’t find it anywhere. This Saturday or next?