Seen & Heard: W. Broadway Condo Sent Back to Drawing Board

••• Tribeca Trust says that it discovered that Cape Advisors’s design for 65 W. Broadway (between Warren and Murray) is larger than zoning allows, so Cape Advisors has to go back to the drawing board: “We hired zoning guru George Janes to investigate the matter and to file a zoning challenge on our behalf. And indeed, George found all kinds of tricks and runarounds that Cape Advisors used to build something larger than zoning allowed. The upshot: with help of Gale Brewer’s new zoning staffer, we got the Department of Buildings to conduct a formal audit of Cape Advisors drawings. And guess what? Cape Advisors must now redesign the building and scale it back substantially. Here’s hoping it costs them their profit margin….. That’s a win for Tribeca. Not as sweet as avoiding the demolitions in the first place, but still a win.” Wishing people ill is fraught business. (Below: the design as it stands now.) Anyway, Tribeca Trust is hosting a talk by Janes on April 30 during which you can learn about his techniques. RSVP here.

••• E. noticed that the plywood around the storefront at 249 Church (northeast corner of Leonard) is awfully tight on the Leonard side, and the Church side isn’t much better. If these photos don’t tell the story, try passing through there yourself. (This isn’t my fight, but someone should complain to the Department of Buildings and Department of Transportation via 311.)

••• Part of the northern side of 108 Leonard has been revealed again. Lovely! And such a gift to the residents across the way at 101 Leonard.

••• Gilligan’s, the seasonal restaurant/bar at the Soho Grand, reopens on May 3. I asked for more info on the hotel’s plans for a 24-hour diner, but I was told we’d have to wait till year end.

••• As expected, the single-story buildings at 246-250 Canal (a.k.a. 111-115 Lafayette) are being marketed as a development site of 22,515 square feet.



  1. Although I’m glad the Tribeca Trust caught Cape Advisors and is a community watchdog against developers breaking regulations, the wording of that statement makes me question their goals.

    • How can we find more info on the tribeca trust’s challenge?

      • I’m not sure the city makes anything public about it. You could try contacting the Tribeca Trust at

        • Cape Advisors should rot in hell for all eternity for what they did to my block. I offer them lasting ill will and wish them the very worst, forever, in whatever they pursue. Yeah, I’m bitter. Their ignorant, selfish vandalism cost my neighborhood and our city several beautiful 19th century buildings. And now I stare at a hole every morning. I hope they go bankrupt, at very least.