Seen & Heard: Another Incident at 111 Murray

••• Another broken-window incident at 111 Murray: “The window-washing unit at 111 Murray was being lowered,” says BPC Resident. “It was swinging around wildly for a minute and then crashed through a window on the side of the building. Glass went raining down below. Picture of the aftermath attached.” (That’s the first one below.) And then Geoff Bailey said the window-washers were dangling (second pic). UPDATE: Check out Bethenny Frankel’s Instagram Stories for video of the damage—several windows were broken (the third pic is a screenshot). UPDATE: CBS reports that the workers have been rescued.

••• Tickets for the new Pier 17 rooftop concert series aren’t cheap: $151-$176 for Amy Schumer, $125 for Kings of Leon. (And that’s presumably before Ticketmaster tacks on its myriad fees.) I’d guess the justification is that the space is relatively intimate.

••• Noted Tribeca, the all-day café/cocktail bar at 112 Hudson,is having an opening party tonight (5-8 p.m.) and opens for brunch tomorrow (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

••• I heard more from gymnast Paul Ruggeri about his gymnastics studio coming to Broadway: “I’m really going to try to cater towards youth gymnastics classes,” he says. “I think that gymnastics is important for all developing kids and I would like to be bringing a program that would benefit all kids, improving overall strength flexibility and coordination. Young gymnasts always excel in any sport after having a solid background from a gymnastics program. That being said, just because of my age I feel like I will have some adults wanting to take some classes. Certainly I will have tumbling classes for them as well. Probably will offer handstand classes, ninja classes, birthday parties, and summer programs as well!”

••• Press release: “Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s free public Open Studios program which takes place May 11-12 at 101 Greenwich Street. The weekend will feature works from LMCC’s Workspace Artists-in-residence [in] all disciplines and genres including painting, sculpture, poetry, fiction, dance and theater. Visual Artists include Nobutaka Aozaki, Aisha Bell, Michael Clemow, Sandra Erbacher, Anthony Oacono, Elise Rasmussen, Kenneth Tam, Tertu Uibopuu. Readings by Lisa Chen, Amina Henry, Allyson Paty, Kim-Anh Schreiber and Alejandro Varela. Performances by BAIRA and Zavé Martohardjono.” More info. (Photo by Ornella Friggit.)

••• Twenty First Gallery, which moved to 76 Franklin from Chelsea, finally opens today with Boulon Age, furniture by Maurice Marty.