Seen & Heard: Il Mulino Is Coming Together Fast

••• I always thought something was coming to the retail space at 173 W. Broadway (a.k.a. 33 Worth), because there was no “for lease” sign. That has changed. Also, Designbox has lots of photos of the apartments above.

••• Amy said she saw Danny Castro, the ice man, at Prince and Greene last Sunday. Anyone in that area, please ask him if there’s a chance of him coming back.

••• I hereby retract my statement that Il Mulino seemed unlikely to open anytime soon. There are photos on the walls, and the exterior is being worked on (and I always figured the painting of the storefront black would signal that the work was wrapping up).

••• Well done, Maxwell’s.

••• Tipsy Shanghai, the Chinese restaurant that used to be above St. George Tavern at 103 Washington, is now at 228 Thompson.

••• Opening June 13 at Access Theater: “Pocket Universe‘s reimagined take on the Jacobean revenge tale, The Maid’s Tragedy. The drama centers on the hero Melantius, who returns from war to find he must challenge the monarchy and reclaim his family’s honor due to despicable conduct by the King. Traditionally portrayed as a male soldier returning home from war, Melantius discovers the King has arranged a marriage between his social-climbing sister Evadne and his best friend Amintor—a power move to protect the King’s personal interests, which in hand also destroys Amintor’s engagement to his long-time love, Aspatia.”