In the News: Hudson Square Development Recap

••• A Broadsheet article about the sale of Chelsea Piers’s air rights ends with this: “[Hudson River Park Trust] officials have spoken publicly about the possibility of selling unused air rights from the Park’s Tribeca section to any possible redevelopment of the Borough of Manhattan Community College Campus.” I don’t recall that (which obviously doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened). BMCC has denied any interest in moving, which it would have to do for redevelopment to take place, but everything has its price.

••• The news peg in the Jewish Journal‘s profile of Bubby’s owner Ron Silver: “This past May, Silver announced the launch of his new company, Azuca, a line of fast-acting cannabis edibles made from chef-quality ingredients. ‘There have been three constants in my life,’ Silver told me in his loft-style office above the restaurant, decorated with his modernist, Picasso-style paintings, ‘cooking, cannabis use and art.’ […] Silver’s talents—part chef, part creative mind—led him to discover a patent-pending technology that alters the shape of the cannabis molecules and makes them more water-soluble, enabling a more rapid, predictable and controllable effect. Azuca will launch its THC product line and tinctures in Massachusetts (where marijuana is legal) later this month, and offers its hemp-derived, non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD) products at the Bubby’s restaurants in lemonades, coffees, teas and cocktails.” Also, I had no idea that Bubby’s has six locations in Japan.

••• 56 Leonard, 70 Vestry, 91 Leonard, and 111 Murray are among the new buildings with fancy lobby lighting. —New York Post

••• “Passon & Passon restaurant group, which owns mid-level Italian restaurants scattered across New York City such as Cotenna and Aria [and Terra and Attraversa], settled its lawsuit against Lago Wine Bar in Chicago. The suit alleged that the restaurant—owned by two former Passon & Passon employees—copied Passon & Passon’s signature menu design, restaurant design, and dishes. Passon & Passon’s restaurants are all pretty similar with slightly different menus and rooms, and Lago does indeed look alike.” —Eater

••• Curbed looks at eight of the developments underway (or in the works) in Hudson Square. Below: A rendering of 100 Vandam (at Greenwich Street), where a 25-story tower will sprout from the shell of the old building.


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  1. TriBeCa would be dullsville if BMCC ever left. Please don’t go. The location is ideal for students coming in from all five boroughs because of Chambers Street being a subway hub.
    Please, please no more Land Rovers and luxury buildings, and blond highlights and expensive stores no one seems to shop in.