Seen & Heard: Duane Street Desert

••• In a comment about Blaue Gans closing, Bruce Ehrmann noted something that I had considered including: “This will leave almost the entire north side of Duane Street east of West Broadway empty, a streetfront ghost town.” I didn’t mention it in the post because I keep expecting something to happen to the former City Hall and Antiqueria spaces; someone was said to be using them both for one enterprise. But that’s all I know. Do you know more? Anonymity guaranteed: text 917-209-6473 or email

••• Signage is up for FitHouse, the fitness studio coming to 93 Worth. Sometimes the company capitalizes the “h”; sometimes it doesn’t.

••• A Saffron Thread, which has long had Indian-Chinese items on its menu, appears to also be doing business as Chinese Dhaba.

••• You’ve likely already noticed that the Westside store—a conjoined fraternal twin to Everafter—has opened at 349 Greenwich. Full report to come.

••• Jupioca and Verizon have opened at 136 Church, where they’ll be joined by Los Tacos No. 1 and Sufu Nail & Spa. Jupioca and Sufu were forced out of at 111 Church when it caught fire; this Verizon store was subletting space inside the NYC Check Express at 86 W. Broadway until it became a Pay-O-Matic.

••• The TV show “Bull” is in the Church/Lispenard today.



  1. Indian Chinese food is really amazing. One of my favorite foods to get when in Bombay. It is tailored to the local palette and so combines Indian spices with Chinese preparation – Amazing.
    I have to check out Chinese Dhaba! Thanks Erik for the heads up!

  2. Seriously what is going to happen to Duane Street???!!!!!!