In the News: What the Bomb Package Looked Like

••• ABC’s Aaron Katersky tweeted a photo of the bomb sent to Robert De Niro at 375 Greenwich.

••• “Tribeca Grill restaurant will operate regularly today despite a bomb scare.” —Eater

••• Musician The Weeknd [sic] and model Bella Hadid are renting a penthouse at 443 Greenwich. —6sqft

••• The New Yorker checks into the Brandy Library with one of its insufferably twee bar reviews.

••• Curbed takes a look at the ballot measure about community boards, one of three proposals we’ll have to vote on. For what it’s worth, I’ll probably vote yes on the campaign finance measure, but I’ll definitely vote no on the “civic engagement commission” and community board proposals. Term limits will not remotely help what ails community boards.

••• “The city’s Transportation Department is still studying ways to safeguard kids at Millennium High School nearly two years after a taxi driver slammed into a former student there, and local civic gurus say officials need to streamline the process for improving traffic safety before another scholar gets hit.” —Downtown Express