Seen & Heard: Two More Spaces for Rent

••• A car drove into the sidewalk shed at the Walker Hotel Tribeca at 396 Broadway. Let’s hope no one was hurt. (Thanks to E. for the photo.)

••• Christopher says that the sculpture on a 56 Leonard balcony is by Brooklyn sculptor Marc Fornes, a.k.a. THEVERYMANY.

••• The “for lease” sign at Koh’s Kids reminded me that I hadn’t poked around on the RKF website lately; the broker often posts useful info. Such as: The De Janeiro space at the northwest corner of Church and Park Place is on the market, which lends credence to the rumor that De Janeiro is opening at 261 Broadway. And Chabad of Tribeca’s space at 54 Reade is also on the market, for possession starting December 1. (Perhaps they were the Reade Street preschool said to be interested in the Nobu space back in May.)

••• “For at least a year I have walked up Broadway to Canal, and been unable to clearly pass at 408 Broadway (OMG Denim) as the store has half blocked the sidewalk with not only merchandise, but signage which is sandbagged to the ground to be immobile. As there is a sidewalk shed for the building, they block easily half of the pedestrian traffic with their merchandise and signage. I politely have spoken to the store but the decision-maker never seems to be there, and they do not seem to care. It is extremely frustrating because this is a busy intersection, and would like help resolving this. I wrote to 311 and I was wondering if they will likely do anything?” I know that spot well, having been frustrated myself. (The rules for sidewalk signs are here, for anyone who thinks this somehow isn’t illegal.) I think 311 is the best bet, because it will route your complaint to the Department of Consumer Affairs and keep a record of it. But you might also ask the 1st Precinct’s Neighborhood Coordination Officers to talk with the store owner about it and explain that they’re headed for a fine. The email addresses for the NCO’s responsible for Tribeca are in one of the two files below.

••• From the Seaport District: “Experience The Rooftop at Pier 17 Winterland starting mid-December, with The Winterland Rink opening to the public for the season on December 15. In addition to New York City’s first outdoor rooftop ice rink, the new winter destination will feature the Seaport District’s new rooftop restaurant and lounge R17; Skyline Hall, a 1250-capacity rooftop community and rentable event space; and Tank, a rooftop warming hut offering seasonal drinks and casual bites—all set against panoramic views.”



  1. Agreed about the OMG store signs blocking the sidewalk. This was especially a problem yesterday when the sidewalks were already a dangerous and impassable mess with the snow/slush/ice/mess.

    Also that store is always blasting “music” into the street from speakers put out on the sidewalk. The city is noisy enough without need for this.

  2. Agree about the OMG store sign and terrible music! It’s so frustrating!

  3. I totally agree!!! I don’t understand how this is still blocking the sidewalk.

  4. Just a reminder that complaining here will have absolutely no effect. Call 311.

  5. Are you sure a car drove into the sidewalk shed at the Walker Hotel Tribeca at 396 Broadway? Perhaps it’s some kind of art installation or sculpture of some sort? It sort of conveys the Sisyphus aspect of our lives here. Sidewalk shed, traffic, car in motion, car not in motion, cell phone picture. Repeat.

  6. Let’s not forget the sidewalk sign tutto il Giorno puts on the sidewalk advertising that their restaurant is struggling and is now open it to freelancers during the day who want to hang and create stuff…I’ll be calling 311 on them…

  7. OMG is terrible.
    I too have spoken with them multiple times and have even asked the Police when I have seen nearby as OMG makes it very difficult to go down that block. Someone also suggested contacting the DSNY:

  8. You can also file a complaint with NY Sanitation directly online about sidewalk obstructions.

  9. Maybe they would feel bad reviews on Yelp more directly? Assuming Yelp publishes them where they can be seen.