Seen & Heard: Breads Bakery Appears to Be Off

••• “I heard Breads Bakery is no longer opening at 4 WTC,” reports Anthony, who keeps a close eye on the World Trade Center. “I asked around and was told they backed out. Westfield also removed them off the center map.” Also: “Eater did an article on a nasty lawsuit between the founder and operator of Breads Bakery over a year ago,” says K. Rose. “I’ve been working on the assumption that a WTC location for Breads was pretty much a non-starter from almost the get-go.”

••• A couple of people recently asked about the state of Los Tacos No. 1, under construction at 136 Church (a.k.a. 37 Warren). I’ve tried contacting the company in a few ways, to no avail. I wouldn’t make too much of the lack of activity—rare is the restaurant that gets built out with no delays. UPDATE: Five minutes after publishing this post, I heard back: “We hope to open our Tribeca location spring 2019.”

••• The folks at Luv Michael say the granola kitchen/shop at 42 Walker will open in late February/early March.

••• The Broadway (i.e., main) side of 91 Leonard is nearly 100% revealed.

••• According to the editor of Downtown Express, its articles are being posted on the site of The Villager while its own site gets retooled.