Hardware store on West Broadway and Canal appears closed permanently

It certainly appears that the locksmith at Canal and West Broadway — iGuard — has closed permanently, despite the fact that they told me they were not closing. (They are still serving the area as a locksmith.) I think this leaves us with one hardware store — Tribeca Paint on West Broadway. Am I right on that? And thank goodness for that, since soon we will no longer have businesses here that support our day-to-day lives.

Tribeca Hardware closed after at least three decades on Chambers Street in August.

And if we want to go back (which we always do), Walker Supply Corp., which was a staple at 61 Walker for 30 years, closed in 2016. And Basics Plus on Church and Warren/Chambers closed in 2015, when that site was redeveloped as Tribeca Rogue.





  1. Very unfortunate.

    There is another great hardware (and building supply) store on the edge of the neighborhood: Chinatown Building Supply at 72 Walker Street. This store and its helpful staff (and cute cat) have gotten us through every kind of project, from major renovation to minor repairs.

    Let’s support our local businesses….

    • CBS at Walker St.! Great store and excellent staff, great for your big projects.
      Further south there is a wonderful and long standing Fulton Supply and Hardware, 74 Fulton St. at Gold St. A well stocked hardware store. They have key blanks that were hard to find in the bygone shops.
      And Dick’s Hardware further south at 9 Gold St.

    • So glad to hear Chinatown Building Supply on Walker is still around. Two forevers ago back when I had a boyfriend that lived on Crosby, I would shop there with him as he was renovating his loft. I remember the huge quantity of items, the helpful salespeople, and the cats.

      • Yes, that description still fits!

        (At least there’s one big cat who likes to sleep on a chair behind the counter…. !)

  2. Wasn’t there an Ace Hardware on the west side of West Broadway, maybe between Thomas and Worth?

    • You are correct, located at the old Western Union building.

    • Yes, you’re right, I remember shopping in that Ace Hardware in the Western Union Building. FYI there is still a Hardware Store on Fulton Street on the way to the Seaport, while it looks small from the outside, they are stocked and stacked with products inside.

    • I believe its still there as I just went the other day.

  3. Roaming the city, mostly below 14 th, during “lockdown”, I discovered Garber
    Hardware ( 710 Greenwich). It’s a bit of a hike but well
    worth it…( and good for you)..a real hardware store…with everything, like
    our sorely missed Chambers St. store, but much bigger,
    so you can look around and find interesting things that you
    didn’t know you needed, plus all the things you did.Highly recommended.

  4. I so miss Tribeca Hardware, but I encourage neighbors to patronize Tribeca Paint on West Broadway. They are well stocked and I have always been able to find what I need there. Sales people are very helpful as well.

  5. It is a mystery and a shame that as thousands of new residents pour into Tribeca’s new and often high-rise apartment buildings its essential shops are disappearing. No supermarket, one last hardware store. There used to be J&R and Staples for electronics and stationary. The list goes on.

    PS add to the list of neighborhood hardware stores that have disappeared the great one (can’t remember it’s name) facing City Hall Park on Park Row.

  6. Hadn’t been to Tribeca Paint since last summer. Just was there and they were great helpful and well stocked.