No Taste again this year

Taste of Tribeca, which was cancelled last year due to the lockdown, is once again off this year with restrictions still in place on gatherings — even outside. (I believe we are still at a cap of 200.)

We have all grown too used to bad news of this sort, I am afraid, so it comes as no surprise. But it is still a blow — for local schools and when you reflect on the suppliers of the fun at this event: local restaurants. Last spring they created a successful effort to buy meals from local restaurants, which were then delivered to emergency rooms around the city. This year they are still figuring out their next move.

“Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, we are in year two of not being able to host the much beloved food festival,” wrote the chairs of Taste when I got in touch. “As you know, last spring, we quickly shifted gears and raised money to hire various Tribeca-based restaurants to feed NYC ER hospital staffs, essential workers and NYCHA residents. We have kicked around some ideas for this spring, however there are many hurdles and logistics to be considered. If we do land on any firm plans, we will let you know.”


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  1. Bummer. I always looked forward to the Taste of Tribeca…such a fun event. Poop.