CVS’ expanding footprint in the neighborhood

CVS has long had plans to take over the former mattress store on the northwest corner of Warren and Church, but that space seems to have gotten bigger since I reported this in fall 2019  and now the company has also taken a lease for the former Staples store at Broadway and Vesey. “This will be a two-story location, but it’s a bit too early in the process to talk about any other details,” CVS said in an email.

There are definitely changes being made to the Church Street space now, but CVS said the store will not open until 2022. And last we checked, the gift store was not part of the CVS lease, but they may have expanded into that as well. They have 8,600 square feet on the ground level and an additional 3,000 for storage in the basement. Also I never knew that rather bland building on Church had a name — the Keystone Building.

Staples closed earlier this month.

Pharmacies have become the new variety stores, I guess — like Woolworth’s (or Ben Franklin’s for all you New Englanders) — selling everything from school supplies to milk to shampoo. Though maybe Target is the closer descendant??



  1. I believe i read on the Fidi Fan Page that the CVS on Fulton was going to close… so it makes sense they are taking newer locations.

  2. Just what we don’t need- another drugstore.

  3. I grew up in New England and remember the parking lot at Woolworths. There are some huge multi level CVS stores in the city that are like mini malls. Big chain pharmacies have completely become the new variety store over recent years.

  4. The store at Warren/Church won’t open until 2022? What could possibly be the reason for that delay? The external construction appeared to have been finished a couple of months ago.

    And yes, the CVS moving into the old Staples facility will replace the one on Fulton/Nassau that is moving out of the building with the perpetual scaffolding around it.

  5. I’ll stick with Kings and, as much as I loathe PBM’s, my mail order pharmacy. Meanwhile, pharmacies are the new corner delis, minus the fruit and flowers.

    CVS Fined for Prescription Errors and Poor Staffing at Pharmacies

    How Chaos at Chain Pharmacies Is Putting Patients at Risk
    Pharmacists across the U.S. warn that the push to do more with less has made medication errors more likely. “I am a danger to the public,” one wrote to a regulator.

  6. Is CVS still opening next year?