Gallery coming to Nobu Next Door?

Intrepid reporter F. quizzed the workmen at the former Nobu Next Door space — the northern side of 105 Hudson’s storefront space — and learned there are plans for what they called “Project 105,” an art gallery. UPDATE: A. says the space will be used by the portrait photographer Martin Schoeller who has a studio in the building. (That’s his photo in the Nike campaign below.)


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Nobu (and Next Door) closed in late 2016 and — correct me if I am wrong — there hasn’t been any other use in that space. For a there were plans for an extension of Chinese Tuxedo in that space called Tiger Tiger, and that group got approvals from CB1 in summer 2019. But then they pivoted and opened The Tyger on Howard and Centre [I believe] in its stead.

That space needs to be activated. It’s been too quiet for too long.



  1. Hope the plan is for this to be more than just a pop-up exhibition. It would truly be refreshing to bring some additional gallery spaces back into the neighborhood. Yes, some already exist, but using our reserve of recently vacated places for the purpose of sharing the opportunity to appreciate visual art and photography is a good thing.

  2. I remember when that space was a gallery back in the day.

  3. And the Nobu space was a series of failed restaurants until Nobu hit it big…