Bâtard will open on May 5 after a long sleep

Tracy Nieporent writes to say that Bâtard — his brother Drew’s original restaurant back when it was Montrachet 36 years ago (it opened as Bâtard in 2014) — will reopen on Wednesday after its hiatus for the pandemic. The restaurant opened in August of last year, but closed again when it got too cold to hold a fork properly. The Nieporents’ other OG, Tribeca Grill, opened last week.

Dinner hours will be 5 to 10p, Tuesday through Saturday, indoors and outdoors. “I sampled all of the dishes pictured below on Saturday evening,” Tracy said. “I am not unbiased, but can say with total honesty that the food was wonderful.” Of course he’s not the only one who thinks along these lines — Bâtard has had a Michelin star for every year it ‘s been open, and scored the 2015 James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant in America.


At Tribeca Grill hours are also 5 to 10p, Tuesday-Saturday. And they are busy building a more significant outdoor space (though what’s not to like about the old loading dock??). Thanks to B. for the shot below.




  1. Go get em’ boys!

  2. Welcome Back Brothers Nieporent – long may you run!!