More from the Crown Shy folks at 70 Pine

Downtowner James Kent and his partner Jeff Katz are poised to open their second and third spots in 70 Pine — but these two have more than the canyon view at Crown Shy. They have designed them across four floors: SAGA will be a (very) fine dining restaurant with three outdoor terraces on the 63rd floor; Overstory (get the tree reference?) will be a cocktail bar with a wrap-around terrace on the 64th floor; and 62 and 66 will be reserved for private dining, including an 18-person table accessed by a private elevator in the building’s former observation room.

Reservations are open now at SAGA for meals starting August 25; Overstory is open for the time being to residents of 70 Pine and diners at SAGA, but will eventually be open to the public. Hours are open Wednesday to Saturday starting at 5:30p. The price at SAGA is $245 per person.

The space was originally designed to be the private apartment of Henry Latham Doherty, the founder of Cities Service Company (which would become Citgo), hence the dedicated elevator that opens right into the restaurant.

The team said they will “pare back some of the choreography of France-inspired fine dining temples in order to make the restaurant more comfortable” and the menu will be “rooted in European technique but will draw inspiration from Kent’s travels and the diverse cuisine in New York City.” Renata Ameni, former executive pastry chef at Manresa, leads the pastry kitchen. Some courses will be served communally and there will be a Moroccan tea service at the end of the meal. There’s also a glass-enclosed chef’s table in the kitchen. (!) There will be no printed menus: the servers will just tell you what’s on for that night.

Fun fact: SAGA is an acronym of the business partners’ children’s names: Seylah, Ayla, Gavin and Avery.

70 Pine, which was built in 1932, has now been converted to residential, and the Deco lobby, which is worth a visit, is open to the public.