Where is Where in Tribeca?

Where in Tribeca? which Erik started in 2010, has been running every week for those 600 weeks. (My rough count has the number of posts at 618.) A click through the tag archive is indeed a click through Tribeca recent history — there are images from JEM Warehouse, Mangez Avec Moi, Tent & Trails, La Columbe, Kutsher’s, Tribeca Hardware, Pecan,

It is incredible to think that in just a decade, entire buildings and in fact entire industries have been wiped from the neighborhood. And it’s not just Tribeca real estate market forces at work; safe to say that our online retail habits and our declining home economic skills put an end to all the sewing, fabric and notion stores that used to line Broadway just south of Canal.

There are some other pieces of local history buried in the comments. When Erik posted a picture of the birdbath in the PS 234 garden in 2013, a reader noted that it was placed there in honor of Alzinia, “the staffer who passed away from brain cancer.”

I never knew that the ramp to BMCC was dedicated as Frederick Douglass Landing.

And back in 2012, there was a major throw down between Woodrow’s and Jim Smithers, resulting in a plate of wings being delivered to some confused firefighters at Hook and Ladder 8.

The first Where in Tribeca? was posted in March 2010, of the hydrant outside of the former El Teddy’s (that’s my pic above). And the post has reminded me that before it was Tribeca Paint, it was…Tribbles! (And there’s a piece of downtown history in the update about the man behind the mosaic, and how you could still find 67 of his installations on lampposts in the East Village.)

The idea was proposed by reader Alicia Kachmar and the game was quickly dominated by Jim Smithers. I stopped counting at 36 wins for him, since it was a tedious operation, but back in the early to mid ’10s he was top of the leaderboard. Robert Ripps, James, Andrea and a smattering of others held their own, but nothing like Smithers. But then in March 2017, Sonia Stock joined in the fun, and, well, you know the rest.

So, if you have bothered to read this far you can probably tell that it’s time for a change. Where in Tribeca? will from now on be reader-supplied. I will post one once in a while, but if you want to see the game continue, send a picture as well as the answer shot (I can’t guess any of these things — even the ones I take) and I will run it on Saturdays.

And if it ends here, a big thank you to all our former winners for the fun and participation and as always, the local spirit.



  1. I was wondering when you didn’t post on Saturday, but now it is clear. I have always enjoyed the challenge, even though I was often stumped. Thanks for continuing the series (and thanks for the shout out as well).

    The gauntlet has been thrown down, and it is up to us to carry on. May the game continue!

  2. Where is Smithers? Who is Smithers? Missing his wit and sarcasm…..