In the News: High-Rise Hell

The Times has a story on elevator outages at the 59-story rental building at 20 Exchange Place in Fidi, which has had chronic elevator outages since November, trapping some residents and forcing others to take the stairs. From the Times: “The skyscraper has been plagued by long elevator outages that have turned daily life upside down and trapped residents with mobility issues inside their apartments. Elevator service is unpredictable and often nonexistent, for hours at a time, above the 15th floor. The elevators that service only the lower floors have continued to work, even as the outages in the others have grown more frequent in the last two months.”

This also happens to be the site of the interactive theater “Sleep No More” that neighbors have been fighting recently.

Thrillist has a list of the best secret bars in the city, and it includes Saint Tuesday on Walker and Peachy’s on Doyers on its list. They clearly don’t know about The Little Shop on Front Street, and I think Pine & Polk might aim for a similar vibe when it opens soon.

The penthouse at 51-53 White, recently converted by Tribecan David Friedman, got a mention in luxury rag the Robb Report. It’s for sale for $20 million.

The Times has a story on how New Yorkers are having to line up to get in bars, and quotes Abraham Merchant, who owns Treadwell Park in Battery Park City as saying his places have seen a double-digit jump in sales — though compared to what I am not sure. From the Times: “’It’s a total shocker,’ said Abraham Merchant. ‘My staff and I spend a lot of time coming up with reasons why. I think the main reason is the pent-up demand.'”



  1. What happens when they elevator problems at the new proposed jails.

  2. Re elevator outages in high rise apartment buildings or just very tall apartment buildings aka 26 floors. This is not an uncommon issue.