Coming soon….

There are a slew of new shops and restaurants coming online, and I know I am missing some here so fill in the blanks and I will update.

The new iteration of Reade Street Pub is primed and has new windows. It looks like the name might end up being 135?

Della’s, the wine bar created by Frankly Wines on the corner at Warren and West Broadway, looks like it is getting ready to open soon. (Their curbside shed is also fully stocked.) It’s on the list of wine stops for Taste of Tribeca, so that would give it a May 21 deadline.

Chela, the Park Slope Mexican headed for the former Distilled space, has its name on the door. They do not yet have an official opening date.


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The space that was Holy Ground, under Bluestone Lane at 109 West Broadway, opens May 11. It’s a production of the brothers from Grand Banks, and it will riff on their New Orleans roots.

Neighbors say the new full-service Cajun Creole restaurant taking over the Mikele pizza place at 275 Church between White and Franklin is opening May 16. (That shot is taken through the window a few weeks ago.)

No specific details yet, but Bklyn Clay, a ceramics studio in Prospect Heights, has taken the retail space at 288 West Street and is applying for a beer and wine license for its events and private parties. They said they hope to have more info in July, but in the meantime they said they offer semester-long classes, one-time classes, private lessons and events for adults and children.

Plump, which has locations in Chelsea, the UES, Soho and Miami, has taken the former Reade Street Prep annex space. They are: “A boutique cosmetic injectables and skincare studio, specializing in non-invasive treatments for the face and lips. Plump was founded with the vision of making the world of injectables more approachable, more talked about, and more enjoyable.”

The burger joint coming to the former Schnipper’s — Burger Village — is still on the docket, though work inside looks slow…

I haven’t seen any action at the old Ward III space, but I hope they are coming together soon…



  1. Filé Gumbo Bar on Church and White looks ready to open soon.

    • File opens May 16! The owners, Erin and Erik, saw me peeking in and game me a tour a week ago. Very excited for this addition to the neighborhood!

  2. Wow! Neighborhood is coming back in full swing. Really excited about BKLYN Clay, their brooklyn location is amazing and a great outlet for adults and kids alike

  3. What ever happened to the cookies shop Chip City? It was supposed to open across from Van Leuwen Ice cream