New Kid on the Block: Mostrador

You may recall the sudden exit of the noted chef Victoria Blamey from the jewel box of a restaurant at the Walker Hotel in July 2022 after just five months. The hospitality company that manages the spaces at the Walker Hotel then lined up a new concept: Mostrador, from Argentinian chef Fernando Trocca. And what a treat. Lunch there is really special — and this is the ultimate compliment: the closest thing to Mulberry & Vine in the neighborhood.

The menu is mix-and-match: you buy a plate and then choose from among a spread of room temp dishes that are on display at the bar. The idea is grilled asado cooking with Mediterranean-style salads, grilled vegetables, whole grains. We both did the Veg Forward Plate AND at $23, I think it was a great deal. (Yes, yes, we are probably all numb to overpriced meals at this point, but everything is relative.) The avocado stuffed with coriander cumin yogurt and pepitas, and the carrots with cilantro were really exceptional. Oh, and the chocolate cake…

That’s what reminded me of Mulberry & Vine, but it’s sit-down with table service (nice folks, too). And that space is so special.

The original Mostrador restaurant is in the upscale beach town of José Ignacio, Uruguay; number two is in Buenos Aires; and the third is part of the Montauk boutique hotel Marram Mostrador. Trocca and restauranteur Martin Pittaluga also have three other restaurants in José Ignacio: La Huella, La Caracola, and Mostrador Santa Teresita.

Dinner is shared plates and that looks like fun; see the menu here. But I am going back for brunch in that corner window seat with the velvet banquette.

28 Cortlandt Alley at Walker
Breakfast: Wednesday – Friday 7a to 11a
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday 10a to 4p
Lunch: Wednesday – Friday noon to 3:30p
Dinner: Wednesday – Saturday 6p to 10p


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  1. Fun fact: This corner (Walker & Courlandt Alley) has a rich and complicated history involving street art, punk rock and one of Argentina’s preeminent songwriters. Here’s a rough backstory:

    It’s complicated, but: