Nosy Neighbor UPDATE: Who are the Amish people delivering food on Chambers?

It’s not every day you see a smiling woman in a bonnet and long skirt leaning out of an unmarked van on Chambers Street. Luckily there were a few people standing outside the open gate waiting for her to hand them a box, so I stopped to ask.

I got my answer but then promptly forgot, so this is my own Nosy Neighbor question: Anyone know the name of the (assuming Pennsylvania) farm that is doing these deliveries? Is it a CSA? or just a commercial farm delivery program?

UPDATE! TribecaPickleBall had the answers: It’s Dutch Meadows Farm, which delivers via UPS and via these vans at pickup spots around English parts of the city. There’s lots of meat, dairy, eggs, sourdough bread, fish from Alaska, pickled veggies and what I’m curious about: sourdough Einkorn pizzas.

I took this shot from Google just to make sure they are who they say they are!

The farm products are not cheap. Since I just happened to be pricing boneless chicken breasts at Whole Foods this morning (I love the Bell & Evans but don’t want to buy it in the plastic any more), theirs at the butcher is $10 a pound; Bell & Evans in the cases is $8 a pound. This farm was $21.50 a pound!

The skirt steak here is $26 a pound (about $16 at WF) and a dozen eggs is $8 and $3.79 these days at WF. But you can get duck eggs with a bulk discount! The milk is raw at $6.30 a half gallon, a loaf of sourdough is $14.95. You have to log in to see all these prices so that’s why I regurgitated.

And for your viewing pleasure, the barn-raising scene from “Witness,” which I used for teaching journalism for years but you can also enjoy just for Harrison Ford and Viggo Mortensen.

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  1. There are several Pennsylvania-based Amish farms that sell grassfed meats, soy-free eggs, and raw cheeses to membership based individuals, so not a CSA. The refrigerated delivery van depicted is driven by a non-Amish individual.

  2. Yep, I’ve ordered from one such farm called Dutch Meadows. When they told me I was to pick up the order from the lobby of the dentist’s office on Chambers, I was almost certain I got scammed. But sure enough, my order was there, and it was of excellent quality.

  3. How do you
    Order from these farms?

  4. This is Dutch Meadows Farm. You can order online and they deliver every Wed. It is a regenerative farm. Great source of nutrition!

  5. WOW! The food system is so broken in America. Either it’s affordable but over-processed and unhealthy or it’s close to $22lbs for Chicken. Without a Whole Foods (which is really only a bargain in Tribeca), what are the alternatives? Go anywhere in Europe and you can reasonably get farm-to-table affordable healthy foods pretty much everywhere. Why is there such a premium on health? Is that the new wealth? SMH.

    • I totally agree with Vale, especially since Tribeca has a weekly farmer’s market where we do have an Amish food stand selling all the things this truck is providing without having yet another gas-guzzling vehicle driving around the city. The whole point of our Farmers’ Mkt is to bring LOCAL to us in one place.

  6. I belong to Walden Local Meat, which partners with local farmers that raise grass fed and pasture raised beef, pork, lamb and chicken. They also have sustainable fish. They delivery once a month. I think they are very reasonable, and it really helps out the small farmer.

  7. Enquiring minds want to know how you used this clip in your journalism class! Thanks for sharing

    • Ha. It was a lesson on how vivid description can “show, not tell” a lot about a person/community/environment. In a few minutes of images, we learn who holds power, who does the work, how relationships operate, etc…