The cobbler on Beach has closed

Maybe it was the loss of the office worker at Citi, maybe it’s the more casual dress code across offices in general, maybe it was covid, maybe it was the advent of the sneaker, maybe it’s our fast-fashion world, where shoes get tossed before they get resoled, but sadly the Ralph’s Shoe Repair on Beach and Greenwich closed on Feb. 1.

S. sent the news, and I stopped in this week, but I was too late to get the full explanation. The barber next door (Tribeca Barber Shop, 212-226-0908) told me the cobbler just did not have enough business to stay afloat. But the owner of Ralph’s said the rent was too high (of course those things are related). I am not exactly sure when he opened but I know he was there in 2011. Commenter Susi said they had been there for 31 years.

“I’m so sad. He has been in that location forever. It’s a hole in the wall but he is amazing and it’s a loss for the neighborhood,” S. said. (I sent her down to my cobbler, Segundo Fernandez, who is the third owner of the shoe repair shop that has been on West Broadway between Warren and Murray since 1949. 212-566-5264)

I hate to see a business like this disappear from our streets. We’ve lost too many of the small businesses that allow you to keep your life running: King’s, the grocery store on Greenwich, Dudley’s Paw. Commercial rent control??



  1. Aww, so sad to hear. I no longer live in the area, but when I did, they were my go to for cheap but well done shoe repairs, as well as regular buffing and shining of my dress shoes. I’m sure the post-COVID WFH/business casual culture hurt demand for their services. As you put it very well, this is another sad loss of a longstanding local business that allows us “to keep life running.”

    • Fyi: Ralph’s shoe repair has been at that location for at least 31years! That is how long I have used them! It’s a shame, what is happening to small businesses.

  2. I received an email from Tribeca Beauty Spa on Harrison saying they are also closing.

  3. As a 4 decade long resident, I hate to see small businesses, or any business close in our neighborhood.

    On that note, what is the progress, if any, at 111 Hudson St. the former Jin Market? Seems like it’s been stagnant for ages. That side of Hudson Street looks abandoned.