Corner of Lispenard and West Broadway is sold

Crain’s had the story first: The corner of Lispenard at West Broadway, which most notably houses Nancy Whiskey Pub, at this point the oldest bar in Tribeca, has been sold. The buildings, numbers 1 and 5  — like so many in the neighborhood — were owned by the Matera family. Peter Matera, who inherited his father’s large real estate portfolio, died last October.

John Matera and his wife, Margaret, bought #1 in 1978 for $80,000 from the executor of David Sencer, who it seems acquired the property from Nancy Whiskey Inc. in 1966. It was sold by the Matera family trust in June for $7.9 million.

Number 5, which is just east, seems to be part of the same sale as #1. John Matera bought that in 1969 from Rose Monda.

Number 3 sits between the two and seems to have no immediate action — Tataki Japanese is on the ground floor. It is owned by Leonard Hecht, who acquired it in the 1990s along with 237 West Broadway, aka 2 White — the sweet landmark on the corner.

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Nancy Whiskey has been on that corner since 1967. It was owned by Fidi resident Billy Wall until his death just two years ago; he bought it in the late ’70s from the original owners and left it in amber, with some minor updates here and there. (Wall also owned Saluggi’s, around the corner on Church, and Saluggi’s East, on Grand and Suffolk.)

Nancy Whiskey now reigns supreme among the diehard Tribeca bar bars. When Tribeca Tavern closed in 2021 after 25 years, I attempted a list with some good help from neighbors: By my count, we are now down to Mudville 9, Puffy’s, Walker’s, Greenwich Street Tavern and Anotheroom. And RIP to so many, but most recently the Patriot, Raccoon Lodge and Reade Street Pub.



  1. whef, thankfully no one was deeply offended by the reporting in this article…..

  2. Warren Peace is a wonderful bar!

  3. Wait does this mean Nancy’s is closing?!

  4. Does this mean Nancy’s is closing?!

  5. I believe these buildings are landmarked.

  6. Pour one out for Belle Reve as well :(

  7. Agree that Warren Peace is good. So is Monk McGinn’s and the recently opened Boss Tweeds

  8. Missing the Civil Service Book Shop when it was at 38 Lispenard St.

  9. And the original Printed Matter. Pearl Paint down the block. Shield printing press.