Whole Foods Market
270 Greenwich St.
(at Warren)
Food and Drink

The store that changed Tribeca most is probably the nicest Whole Foods in Manhattan, even when the lunchtime crowds file in. (You can enter on Greenwich, Warren, or West, and depending on what you need, you may want to choose your entrance accordingly.) The groceries are standard Whole Foods fare—tilted toward the healthy, if not necessarily the local—and there’s a lot of non-food stuff, such as vitamins, health and beauty products (more Tom’s of Maine than Crest), clothing, and tote bags. For classic breakfast cereals and mainstream paper products, you’ll want to go to the Food Emporium. The center of the store is devoted to prepared food—complete with a sushi bar—and there’s seating upstairs.


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  1. Whole Foods does not know how to modify its checkout process before a snowstorm. The managers did not anticipate the crowds stockpiling food. How can WF be so stupid? This happens every winter and they have no alternative procedure. Why not follow the Trader Joe’s approach and put a dispatcher at the head of the lines? I hope Trader Joes opens a store in TriBeCa–that will add some healthy competition to the hood and shake up WF so that it adds service to it’s operation. –Unhappy customer and stockholder