Nosy Neighbor: What’s Going on at 172 Duane?

Another reader sent in this photo yesterday.

“The other night, I noticed that a big event was happening at 172 Duane. I thought Damon Dash had left. Is there something new going on there?” —Anonymous

Dan Kobin’s high-end event-planning company, Absolute Events, has started holding events there. The recent one you noticed was an 80-guest wedding, although Kobin says the events are far more likely to be along corporate lines. “The landlord isn’t sure what he’s doing with the building, so we’re testing the waters,” says Kobin, who had managed the Dia Art Foundation‘s old gallery building in Chelsea (now one of his spaces, Center 548). “I know the building has a bad reputation in the neighborhood, but I do product launches and corporate events, such as weeklong rentals as pop-up showrooms for the press.” He’s also in talks with someone interested in opening an art gallery there for the months before Christmas. “We’re trying to show respect and what we can do,” he insists. Absolute is the only company planning events there.

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