Seen & Heard: 460 Washington Cleanup

••• Those ugly cell-phone antennas have been removed from 54 Laight. So maybe they were a Sandy thing?

••• From Tribeca Trust: “We have a great deal coming up this spring as we launch a speaker series, a membership campaign, a meet and greet event at an art gallery in the neighborhood, and a long collaborative process of participatory master planning that includes jumpstarting ideas for the ATT Plaza at 33 Thomas.” You know I’m all about turning the prison yard into something useful! Anyway, they’re looking for volunteers.

••• A reader sent in this email from the DDC about Chambers Street construction (boldface mine): “The most recent estimate for completion of construction between West Broadway and Greenwich St is now at the end of Spring.  Currently, Con Edison is working on installing the new gas main between West Broadway and Greenwich St and between West Broadway and Church St. Once they complete the installation, the contractor will complete installation of the water main on both blocks (with Greenwich St to West Broadway to be completed first, it is about halfway finished at this time). Unfortunately, we have no control over the availability of Con Edison crews and our progress has been dependent on them completing the gas main installation, so we are working as quickly as possible given the circumstance.” As of a month ago, it was just spring.

squadron statement on bpc ball fields••• State Senator Daniel Squadron has released a statement (right) urging the BPCA to get the ball fields open (including “Let’s be clear: it is absolutely vital that the BPCA figures out how to get work started on the fields by the beginning of next month – period.”) I don’t believe he has said a peep about Asphalt Green.

••• From a reader: “Here’s an update on update on 460 Washington cleanup from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation [PDF]. It was posted in our elevator. Note the timeframe mentioned for cleanup (6 months) and overall completion of construction (20 months).”



  1. Did you mean to write that Sheldon Silver, not Squadron, made a public statement about the Ballfields (and nothing about Asphalt Green)? I see no statement from Squadron

  2. @James: It was Squadron. No clue if it’s online — I’ll post the email later as a pdf

  3. @James: The statement is now in the post.