Nosy Neighbor: Any Update on the Chambers Construction?

I was walking down Chambers with my 9-year-old daughter for some Dirty Bird pick-up when she said that one of the things she wanted for Christmas was for the street construction to be finished. Have you heard any updates on when the Greenwich to W. Broadway section is slated for completion? I imagine Sandy certainly didn’t help their timeline but I am having a hard time even recalling the pre-construction era. —J.

“We expect the portion from W. Broadway to Greenwich to be completed in the spring of 2013,” emailed Craig Chin, public information officer of the New York City Department of Design and Construction, which is overseeing the project. “The entire project is expected to be completed in the fall 2014.”

UPDATE: Do read Hal Bromm’s comment below.

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  1. Spring of 2013? Originally it was due to take 12 months, then 18 and now it will be nearly 3 years. Sigh. Well, at least they no longer turn our water off periodically, but I would so love for it to be gone! (I live on that block)

  2. As those of us suffering with this project know well, the completion dates for individual segments have continually shifted forward, with periodic inexplicable overnight noise levels that defy belief. Last summer’s presentation claimed that work at the intersection of West Bway and Chambers would be finished by early September 2012.

    Following that failed target, both Community Board One’s Quality of Life committee and numerous local sufferers have tried for months to schedule a meeting with the New York City Department of Design and Construction, a representative of DEP and Con Edison. Sadly, there has been no meeting, and there seems little interest in trying to minimize overnight noise to improve the health of sleep-deprived residents.

    Told that Judlau’s tractors have DEP-mandated alarms, we have asked that modifications be considered, since the alarms create a horrible mechanized grinding sound that reverberates through the streets and homes within a two-block radius. While the alarms are meant to provide safety, DEP may be unaware of their very negative impact on human health when operating in dense urban settings, causing sleep deprivation – and it’s very detrimental negative health and safety impacts. Accordingly, it would be appropriate to suggest that alternative safety measures be identified and investigated to properly safeguard workers and others in the immediate vicinity of the alarmed vehicles while not severely impacting the health and well-being of city residents.

  3. Isn’t it the Department of Transportation who gives out the permits for overnight work? This seems to be an on-going problem with any kind of construction project. Didn’t it used to be that overnight work permits were given out ONLY for emergency situations like water main breaks? DOT now gives out these permits for non-emergency work such as installing telephone or cable lines. I think DOT is the problem, but have no idea how to get them to do something about it. Elected officials maybe?

  4. I passed by around 10:30 am, today. Saw only two workers; both sitting, having a snack, watching women walk by. Always add at least 2X to the expected completion of any NYC construction project. Maybe even 3X.