First Impressions: Simit + Smith

Simit and Smith UludagTribeca’s global cuisine scene—Latin American, Yunnanese, Laotian, Danish…—got another boost when Simit + Smith opened its second location, at 111 Worth. (The first is on the Upper West Side.) The chain, which plans on having as many as 30 outposts, specializes in a Turkish bread called the simit. It comes in two shapes: ring and loaf. The first doesn’t just look like a bagel; it also tastes like one—especially if you get it with cream cheese, as I did—but I found it to be less bready, which I liked, and more about the chewy crust. The loaf simits are more ideal for sandwiches: Simit + Smith offers fillings such as egg salad with sumac; smoked salmon and cream cheese; and turkey, provolone, avocado, and roasted red pepper. Because I had already exercised and could therefore justify a double-carb breakfast, I also ordered a poğaça (poh-ah-chah) stuffed with feta and parsley. I could see it being a tempting afternoon snack.

Also of note: Two bottled Turkish beverages you don’t see much around here—Ayran yogurt drink and Uludağ orange soda. Naturally, Simit + Smith makes Turkish coffee, as well as more traditional types.

A FiDi location, at 100 William, will open in the fall.

Simit + Smith is at 111 Worth (bet. Broadway and Lafayette),

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  1. I really enjoy the sandwiches and coffee. They are pricier than the other restaurants in the area but they also taste better. Break free from the cream cheese and try the other flavors.

  2. Please don’t compare them to bagels! These are traditional Turkish breakfast breads – give them their due!

    I can’t imagine them being big enough for a filling. I hope they haven’t “Americanized” them.

  3. FYI: Yogurt from the same company that makes the ayran is available at the Associated oops I mean 55 Fulton Market at Southbridge. I think it is all made in the U.S., not imported from Turkey, as there is no country of origin listed but there IS a plant number at which it is manufactured.