In the News: Fall Restaurant Preview

trattoria cinque••• The New York Times‘s fall restaurant preview includes American Cut (in the old Trattoria Cinque space, above), China Blue, Telepan Local, and Tutto Il Giorno Tribeca—each of which you read about here first.

••• Catching up on news during its August break, the Broadsheet recaps the story of Elena Sava Adams, who “has been charged with conspiring to murder her husband, using a hired killer. Ms. Adams, who lives in  the 400 building in Gateway Plaza (also known as 375 South End Avenue), was arrested last Thursday in Brooklyn, after she allegedly negotiated with a man she believed was contract murder (in reality, an undercover police officer) over the planned cost, timing, and location of the death of her husband, Irving Adams.” She was going to pay in stamps and jewels. (This was in DNAinfo a while ago, but I never clicked through because I didn’t realize it had a local angle.)

••• “The Department of Education wants to open a Success Academy charter school for kindergarten-through-fourth-grade students inside Murry Bergtraum High School, according to just-released city documents. Murry Bergtraum, which has about 1,500 students, received a D on its most DOE recent report card and saw fights, an assault on school safety offers and an attempted arson last school year.” —DNAinfo

••• Manhattan Loft Guy looks at a sale at 261 Broadway: “Yes, the ‘1,140 sq ft’ Manhattan loft #12B at 261 Broadway has the jaw-dropping views claimed in the broker babble (especially if you like to give traffic reports to friends interested in driving over the Brooklyn Bridge), but the fact that it just sold at a 19% premium to its prior sale in 2007 and at a premium to the previous dollar-per-foot record high sales makes my jaw ache even more.” That’s the apartment bought by a Fox News personality.

••• Tribeca Trib looks at how the New York Downtown Hospital has benefited from its merger with NewYork-Presbyterian. By the way, the new facility is called NewYork-Presbyterian/Lo­w­er Man­hattan Hos­pital. Or NYMPH, as I’m going to think of it (and yes, I know it’s not a true acronym).

••• “The Story of Our Schools Over the Years.” —Tribeca Trib



  1. DOE wants to put tiny kindergarten children into a High School? into Murray Bertram in particular? They are so not thinking that through clearly!

  2. A hit man accepting payment in stamps and jewels?? :)
    Crazy fascinating article.. Thanks Erik.

  3. The DOE suggested MBHS because the DOE wouldn’t dare suggest that Success get their own space, but wanted to, considering Success just received a 5 million dollar grant from the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation. At least that’s why I’d like to think the DOE suggested MBHS, because it is a nuts idea. And Success so badly wants to be in lower Manhattan so as to access some higher test scores that they just might go for it.

  4. I popped in to Dylan Prime last night and spoke with the manager. They are trying to open in October/November with an updated menu and totally new look. The space was gutted.