Loft Peeping: Julie & Eric Ronning

Ronning loft master bedroom courtesy Interior DesignTribeca’s own Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design, a Loft Peeping favorite, is back with a 1,670-square-foot project in the September issue of Interior Design (and on the recent Inside Tribeca Loft Tour). Eric and Julie Ronning, “online radio executives with two daughters,” got Viñas’s signature wit and whimsy, but not so much of her trademark use of color. Instead, the palette tends toward black-and-white.

••• Note the animal motif: entryway wallpaper with big swallows, rabbit throw pillows, an antelope (?) painting, a piggy bank on the living room table, a pair of indeterminate creatures in the Peter Opheim painting in the dining area….

••• Speaking of that antelope: Viñas had the stripes painted on the wall go right through the artwork, purchased at a flea market.

••• Speaking of stripes: In the main hallway, “a black stripe crosses the royal-blue runner underfoot and rises, in paint, on the walls to both sides just at the point where the hallway widens to incorporate a work alcove for the kids. It’s a former coat closet.”

••• There are stripes of a different kind in the kitchen: “trompe l’oeil wallpaper, Viñas’s substitute when the ash panels originally envisioned proved too pricey. Plus, it’s wipeable.”

The full story by Jane Margolies is here, and the photos are by Garrett Rowland (of which there are more in Interior Design’s slideshow). Click to enlarge.



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  1. A big thanks to Eric and Julie for being so much fun to work with. We just loved transforming their loft into a happy home for this great family.
    We did a lot of laughing and joking through the process which makes work so much fun.

  2. It look fabulous! It’s always a thrill when we get to see what’s been done with our wallpapers…fantastic job!
    thumbs up from Paris!