First Impressions: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters facadeI hadn’t been inside an Urban Outfitters in at least a decade, so when I entered the new one at 180 Broadway (at John), I fully expected to (a) feel old and (b) not think much of it. The brand had really schlockified. But I kind of loved it! I mean, I still felt old—helped along by a twentysomething salesguy dressed like Bret Michaels in his heyday—and there was a certain amount of crap (I’m talking to you, “FUCK MY LIVER” flask), but all in all, I was impressed. Most of what you see below is from the men’s floor, downstairs, because there’s only so much photography a fortysomething guy can get away with on the women’s floors of a store aimed at youth.

Of special note:
••• Petrified wood bowls for around $100.
••• A substantial number of records—can we all agree that Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black wants to be heard on vinyl? And that Katy Perry’s latest doesn’t?
••• “Addicted to You” ashtrays from Tribeca’s own Baron Von Fancy.
••• Macaron compacts.
••• There’s a lot of stuff with “Brooklyn” on it. Wouldn’t that be more appropriate at the Urban Outfitters opening in Williamsburg?
••• PHOTO BOOTH! Excuse me while I take a moment to fondly recall the wonderful Little Rickie shop that used to be in the East Village….

I bought two of the items below—no, not the pug!—but I’m not telling. And I’ll be back before Christmas to do some gift shopping….

Urban Outfitters photo boothUrban Outfitters petrified wood bowls Urban Outfitters trash bucket Urban Outfitters records Urban Outfitters Mullet on the Go Urban Outfitters sriracha shirt Urban Outfitters Herschel weekender Urban Outfitters blue shirt Urban Outfitters twerk mug Urban Outfitters Sober Free shirt Urban Outfitters Pugs Not Drugs Urban Outfitters green jacket Urban Outfitters Converse hightop Urban Outfitters Baron Von Fancy ashtray Urban Outfitters Wes Anderson book Urban Outfitters bonsai garden Urban Outfitters macaron compacts Urban Outfitters Scout and Catalogue toteRecent New Kid on the Block/First Impressions articles:
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  1. I haven’t really shopped at UO since college but I do want to check out this new outpost. Thanks for the preview!

  2. We checked it out yesterday. I agree with the “I feel old” sentiment. It is a beautiful store though! A nice addition to that part of Broadway.

  3. Hesitating walking in, mostly because I may feel old but you’re review made me laugh a little so I guess I’ll stop in.

  4. I’ve stopped shopping at Urban Outfitters (and Anthropologie) because I’ve probably aged out of their target range (15 years ago) and they don’t have a great track record on social issues (e.g. political donations to Santorum) and their merchandise has often reflected this.