Seen & Heard: NYPD Double-Parking

doubleparked NYPD car••• From a reader: “Saw your recent comment about police double parking on Duane. Wanted to mention to you that there are frequently police cars or other official vehicles double parking on Varick south of beach outside of the police station, when there are parking spaces available and clear alternatives in the area—limiting traffic during rush hour on Varick to one lane—at times backing traffic up to Canal and even further north. This is not being a good neighbor.” I’ve noticed the same thing—I tweeted the above photo on April 8, along with one showing another NYPD car doubleparked on the east side of Varick. My guess with this and the NYPD is that the politicians don’t dare cross either department because they’re constantly courting those unions’ vote.

••• From Thalassa: “This Tuesday, April 22, we are hosting a reception for an exhibit of work by Tribeca artist Nancy Pantirer—it will be on display for about a month. Complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. RSVP to”

••• From NotifyNYC: “There will be a fireworks display in New York Harbor tomorrow, 4/18, east of Liberty Island. The display will begin at approximately 9:15 p.m.”

••• The Lilac ship at Pier 25 sent out a press release on behalf of New York Nautical and its recent move to Church. What I hadn’t realized was this: “It has always been in lower Manhattan at addresses that have included 38 Water Street, 40 Water Street, 3 State Street opposite the Staten Island ferry, and 140 West Broadway before arriving at Duane Street.”

••• I was walking by 11 Warren—the back half of the old Strawberry at Broadway and Warren (the front is now a TD Bank)—when I saw a sign in the door asking Time Warner to call one of two numbers when the rep arrived. The windows have been papered for a while, but I never see the door open or evidence of work; it’s a 15,000-square-foot, two-level space. Anyone know what’s up?

11 Warren

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  1. don’t even get me started on cops breaking the law. i could easily make a tumblr of all the times i’ve been the NYPD running red lights with their siren off, driving their cars without a seat belt (!!), talking on their cell phone while driving, smoking in uniform, sleeping in their car….the list goes on and on. if these guys don’t have to follow the rules they enforce, then why should I? I wish I could give a cop a ticket for breaking the law..

    • Please explain yourself. You say cops breaking the law? Is smoking breaking the law? Please show me someone smoking that’s getting carted off to jail. Sleeping in a car, is that another felonious offense? I don’t hear anyone bitching when you pass an ambulance with a guy sleeping waiting for a call or a firehouse in the middle of the night with the lights off. All these people work hard for a living, harder than the average person sitting at a cubicle playing candy crush on their work time. Y not stop your whining and show these people assume respect. They enforce the laws and protect the rights that allow you to get on this website and speak your mind. Wake Up!!!!!

  2. In addition to these abuses, city employees who get parking permits, often use those for personal purposes. A neighbor of ours has free protected street parking near and around Barclays Street because he works for a city agency that gave him a pass. Since he doesn’t need the car for work, he enjoys that spot at the cost of tax payers. There are lots of city employee parking spots there for people who don’t need to use cars for their work. We have public transportation in NYC.

  3. The culprits on Duane are NYFD not NYPD.