More Photos of Old Tribeca

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a bunch of old Tribeca photos, mostly because I always hope I’ll have more. Perhaps these seven will inspire you to go digging into that shoebox of photos you have in your storage unit….

Thanks again to these folks for letting me run them!


Mohawk Electric Supply exterior 1995 by Lee TullochMr and Mrs Amos photographed 163 Duane (at Hudson), now home to the Bouley flagship, in 1995. Visit their site to see a lovely photo of the stairwell.


The next shot is also of Duane—on the Duane Park block, when trucks parked there like sardines—and it was shot by Laurie Spiegel in 1976.


The final five photos are by Lynn Rogoff. The first four are the same stretch of Duane as in the above shot, while the last is at Sixth Avenue and Walker. They were all taken in 1988.


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  1. Those are fantastic, but would be so much better if you could put present day shots next to them.

  2. Magoo’s ! I used to eat there all the time as a kid. They had Dig Dug …

  3. I Love these. These buildings are so beautiful now, it’s easy to forget that they lived through many years of hard use and then many more of neglect. Just look at Duane Street now and appreciate how respectfully they have been restored.

  4. I have a metal door filled with old signage of store fronts now gone. My family and I have been here since 1972. I’d love somebody to come by and photograph the signs. There are just too many to send one by one. I love the old Morgan’s Market, the original tanning (real hides, not glamour) companies that did animal skins located on Warren Street. Even newer ones like Ralph’s and Ruby’s books on Chambers Street . Burrito Bar on 6th Avenue. Anyone , if anyone wants to come by, you have my email.