Seen & Heard: 30 Park Place Is Launching Sales

••• From the New York Academy of Art: “Join us on Tuesday, May 20, to celebrate the opening of the 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibition from 6-8pm at Wilkinson Gallery, 111 Franklin. The exhibition encompasses a wide range of ideas and methods from fifty artists-in-residence graduating from the rigorous MFA program this May.” Through June 7. Above: “Red Hair Composition” by Madeleine Hines.

37 Warren••• The sidewalk shed is finally coming down from around 37 Warren. You forgot how pretty the street level is, didn’t you? By the way, anyone know what’s moving in to the storefront(s)? There had been word of a fitness studio of some kind, but that was a long time ago.

••• From CB1: “A World Trade Center contractor is conducting an evacuation exercise on Friday May 9, 2014 for personnel working in the Oculus Project.” And, presumably, anyone else who has sneaked inside. “This exercise is scheduled to take place between 11:45 and Noon. All personnel will exit the site through the Church Street gates, 3G and 3H and proceed to the muster area on Fulton Street between Broadway and Church St. There will be no horn blast utilized for this exercise.”

••• From Hudson, you can see 15 Jay’s proposed addition. Click the pic to see it larger.

••• The 30 Park Place sales effort is underway—agents are contacting anyone who signed up on the website. Expect floor plans and pricing to pop up any moment. The sales office, meanwhile, won’t be at 11 Warren after all. It’ll be at 7 World Trade. So which building’s sales office is going into 11 Warren? Tribeca Royale? 5 Beekman?

••• A reader who wrote in to complain about the slow checkout clerks at Whole Foods wondered if I had heard anything about the status of the Fairway Market coming to Greenwich Street. I said no, but the Fairway website still says 2014—which seems hopeful, at best. Especially since, as the reader noted, the medical-imaging company at 355 Greenwich moved out only this week.

••• The Washington Street side of the Department of Sanitation garage is sort of interesting (or unfinished?). Also, work on the salt shed across Spring is underway (but not yet picturesque).

garbage garage washington street 5814



  1. I think the sanitation garage is spectacular; considering its a Sanitation garage. :-)

  2. The Doorman at 37 Warren told me a gym

    • Your comment brought the name back: Ultrafit. There’s still nothing online, but here’s the info that was presented to CB1 (as per its resolution in favor):

      Sheldon Lobel, P.C., on behalf of Ultrafit, LLC, has filed an application with the Board of Standards and Appeals for a special permit to allow a physical culture establishment at 136 Church Street; and

      This physical culture establishment will be a fitness studio operated on portions of the cellar and ground levels of the existing building; and

      The first floor space will have an exercise studio, a reception and retail sales area, office, storage room and restroom. The cellar level will contain men’s and women’s locker rooms and a laundry room; and

      The fitness center would provide a mix of cardiovascular and strength training exercises