First Impressions: Dos Toros Taqueria

Dos Toros Taqueria burritoThe latest in a series of flash reviews of the restaurants at Hudson Eats in Brookfield Place. Previously: Black Seed Bagels, Num Pang Sandwich Shop, Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, Little Muenster, Umami Burger, Olive’s Tartinery.

I have review fatigue. Here are my notes on Dos Toros Taqueria—they paint a vivid enough picture. By the way, that’s my phone in the photo, for comparison’s sake.

Enter at corner and go left or right; same either way. Choose fillings as you move down the line. Good sign: Cooking happening behind counter. Harassed guy re: lack of veg. Reply: “We have peppers and onions!”

Very much like Chipotle. Not much creativity or nuance—Mexican food for children? Maybe you need meat to get flavor. Smaller than Chipotle? Slice of cheese on tortilla as it’s warmed. Got half black beans, half pinto. A plus: More beans than Chipotle, where rice is filler. Menu printed says chicken is humane but no mention of the beef or pork.

Beer available.

How was Dos Toros for you?

P.S. A general thought regarding Hudson Eats: A water fountain would be handy. A water fountain with washable cups, like at Mulberry & Vine, would be sublime.

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By Suzette

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  1. Actually pretty surprised you were this negative – Dos Torros to me is a lot better than Chipotle – but perhaps it is indeed the meat. I also find their chips and guac much better.

  2. Here’s a little secret. Instead of the $2.50 Mexican coke here, grab one for $1.50 downstairs at the new Rite Aid. Yes, they sell bottled Mexican coke there too, but you’ll have to ask someone at Hudson eats to pop that cap for you.

  3. we’ve eaten there twice and enjoyed it, it actually was our favorite of the meals we’ve had… so I guess you might be fatigued. Of course there is no ‘real’ Mexican in NYC, but this is a good enough facsimile, and feels genuinely fresh. Could use more cilantro, but I liked it better than Tartinery.

  4. I could have mis-read the prices as far as the Mexican coke but I was almost certain that it was $2 at Sprinkles and $3 at Umami Burger.

  5. Thanks to all of you for weighing in—while I didn’t love my burrito, I do think the absence of meat probably was a significant factor (as it often is in fast-casual food). And I genuinely like it when people disagree with me!

  6. I didn’t love my burrito either. It wasn’t bad, however it was barely warm and the grilled chicken wasn’t so tasty. My daughter had a cheese quasadilla which was paper thin, she barely ate any of it.

  7. Never been a fan of Dos Toros. Their idea of a quesadilla involves putting a slice of cheese on the tortilla as they warm it on an iron, not very good. Wish Brookfield got Greenwich Village’s Dorado to open another location instead. Now that’s how you make a quesadilla!