Seen & Heard: Sixth Avenue “Slow Zone”

mailbox••• “‘Immediately’ was pretty immediate,” emailed Christy Frank of Frankly Wines regarding the U.S.P.S.’s promise to put back the snailbox at W. Broadway and Warren.

••• The Colonnade Group put up a teaser site for 174 Duane.

••• North End Grill is now open between lunch and dinner (2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.) seven days a week; an afternoon menu will be available.

••• F. sent over a pic of the liquor-license hearing for 349 Greenwich—it was actually for the July hearing (but it said June, so trouble ensued); anyway, what I hadn’t noticed before was that the for the bar and grill—if it’s still happening—is Brick and Mason.

••• Press release: “Dig Inn is opening their 9th location on Thursday, August 14, in the Financial District. This location will offer the newest features including an on-site butcher carving block and grill and saute station, which will serve their summer grilled vegetable special—local grilled corn from Hoden Farms in LI. Opening Day (open 11 a.m.-3 p.m.) will be $5 suggested donation, with all proceeds going directly to our partnership with FoodFight to support food education in a local downtown public school.” It’s at 80 Broad.

TC photos framed••• So tickled! K. liked two of my photos of the snow-covered playground at Washington Market Park she asked if she could frame them.

••• One of the city’s new “slow zones” is Sixth Ave. from Central Park South to Franklin—so the new (hypothetical?) speed limit is 5 miles per hour lower than whatever it was before.

••• Tweeted by M.M. De Voe: “Ketch is opening in September. They always had the best food. elegant and delicious. Now a brewpub.” I wasn’t familiar with Ketch, and old listings say it was at 181 Pearl, while the website calls it “Ketch Brewhouse on Platt.”

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  1. The Ketch was at 70 Pine for 37 years before finally having to leave as a result of the building’s conversion by Rose Associates into 800 apartments. The 35,000 sf of retail at the base is expected to include a 15,000 sf high end restaurant. It is rumored to be STK. 70 Pine opens in the fall. The Ketch opens at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel at 6 Platt in September.

  2. Who is the contact at Jerry Nadler’s office who made this mailbox appear so quickly?

  3. Jessica DiBari of the NYC office.

    I have found Congressman Nadler’s constituent service to be wonderful whenever I have asked for help, even on very complex issues.

    Whether or not you agree with his politics, an elected official who remembers his duty to his constituents is worth our appreciation.