Another Pizza Joint Has Closed

Not long after Portobello’s Pizzeria closed and not long before Tribeca Pizzeria has to find a new home, Star Pizza (at the southeast corner of Church and Murray) appears to have served its last slice. “Could the end finally be near for this godawful place?” emailed B., tipping me off to the papered windows. Spitting on Star Pizza’s grave won’t seem especially harsh to those of us who found it truly terrible. Then again, it has risen from the dead before: In July 2013, it bounced back after the Department of Health shut it down.

The dearth of decent pizza by the slice remains a depressing fact of life around here. Taking an even bigger step back, however, I wonder whether that entire building (111 Church, a.k.a. 26 Murray and 27 Park Place) is headed for redevelopment—à la 149-151 Church, a few blocks up. From 56 Leonard to the north to 30 Park Place to the south—with 37 Warren and 100 Franklin in the middle—the southeastern stretch of Church is undergoing a metamorphosis. (And the lot where Imperial Coffee House is sure looks like it’s getting developed.) At the street level, meanwhile, a new class of business is coming in, helping the street transcend its backwater past: Aroma Espresso Bar, Pret a Manger, Drill Fitness, Nish Nush, Sun in Bloom, Tribeca’s Kitchen, Arcade Bakery….

photo 2

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  1. It’ll be a Starbucks, across from that other Starbucks two blocks from that other Starbucks.

  2. Amish Market for pizza. Nothing fancy, just a good honest slice of pizza.

  3. joe’s pepperoni on broadway is a decent cheap slice. but this ‘hood def needs more grab and go slice options. especially one that is open past 10 PM.

  4. Hey, Donna Bella is quite good.

  5. Not sure what problem people have with Palermo for slice pizza; it’s the best in the neighborhood by a pretty good margin (assuming you want gas oven style, instead of brick oven style). My only problem is that they close early on Sundays.

    • I grab slices from Palermo all the time. They are very good.

      • OK, I’ll try it! I went in a couple of weeks ago and didn’t like the look of it, but this time I’ll follow through. I’m generally a fan of Little Italy on Park Place, but it closes at like 6pm weekdays and isn’t open weekends at all.

  6. Saluggi’s is the best and they also have cocktails, wine and beer. Maybe not slices but they offer either small or large pie.

  7. What about that Girello’s place? I hear they gots the pizza and the meatballs, now if they could justa get rid of the tables and get some of them booths.

    And Telepan Local, how abouts getting a dimmer for your bar area?

  8. Saluggis is the best pizza I’ve had in 15 years in NYC and 40 years on earth. that 28 from Zagat is deserved and well earned. Capicola and basil on a large pie is an endless wonder of flavor. Now they’re on seamless too, and their delivery guy is super friendly. Been ordering from there for over 2 years and will continue to do so as long as we’re in the neighborhood. Cheers, Saluggis! I salute you!

  9. Saluggi’s. And I second the commend on delivery.

    However, if you want to hold a slice and walk, I’m still looking.