TCQ&A: Clinton Kelly

The rules: Answer as many of the 47 questions as you like (but a minimum of 15, and you must answer #1–4). Please limit most answers to the general geographic area.

1. How long have you lived in the area? Where did you move from? Where are you originally from? I’ve lived in the neighborhood almost 10 years now. Before moving to Tribeca I lived on the UES for 12 years. I’m not sure why. Oh wait, I remember: My apartment was rent-stabilized. I grew up in Port Jefferson Station, Long Island, but went to school in Boston and Chicago.

2. Married? Partnered? If so, what’s his/her name and occupation? I’m married to Damon Bayles, a fabulously talented psychologist with a private practice in Greenwich Village.

3. Kids? Pets? We have a Jack Russell terrier named Mary who rescued us.

4. Where do you live? On a pretty cobblestoned street.

5. What do you do for a living? I’m the moderator of ABC’s food-centric daytime talk show, “The Chew.” Before that I hosted “What Not to Wear” on TLC for a decade. Now I’m designing plates for a new tabletop line I created called Effortless Table. (It’s exclusive to!) I’ve entered a real nesting phase of my life. I love collecting plates and throwing dinner parties. The line was borne out of that. Everything is mix-and-matchable to create a beautiful table.

7. Most-frequented restaurants: The Harrison, Odeon, Marc Forgione, Sarabeth’s, Bubby’s, and Tamarind.

11. Most delicious cocktail: The lychee martinis at Nobu go down way too easily. I’ve gotten myself into some serious trouble with those, especially when I’ve chased them with sake.

12. I usually order in from Benares if I’m craving Indian food, and I always order the chicken korma and samosas! Yum! I usually order in from Landmarc if I’m craving red meat, and I always order the burger! Yum!

13. I can’t resist popping into: Laughing Man for a flat white. They’re so delicious it doesn’t matter if I’ve had one coffee that day or ten. I still want one more.

14. The last non-essential item I purchased in the area: Recently at Stella, I bought a pillow with a drawing of a chipmunk riding a scooter. Talk about non-essential. It was probably designed for a baby’s crib, but it made me smile, so I had to have it.

16. I’m so glad Dudley’s Paw is in the neighborhood, because my dog Mary loves their lamb lung treats. And when she’s happy I’m happy.

17. How I stay fit: I go to Equinox in Tribeca a few days a week. I have a great trainer if you’re interested. His name’s Dorian and I’ve seen some great results with him. Also, I try to get my butt to Flywheel when I can, but in general I really have to talk myself into doing cardio. I don’t know what happened. I used to take a four-mile run for fun. Now, I wouldn’t take a four-mile run if I were being chased by zombies.

18. Where I get beautiful: I recently started getting my hair cut by Taeko at Rheanne White and I’m super-happy about it. And occasionally in my office, we’ll place bets on dumb stuff and the prize will be a manicure at i-Plaza up by Canal Street.

22. A recent case of sticker shock: I think I paid $75 for a salad at Sweetgreen. I’m exaggerating, of course, but that place is not cheap. But it’s delicious and I feel like I’m doing something good for my body and the planet, so I just fork over my credit card and close my eyes.

29. How does that little candle and tea shop on Harrison St. stay in business? Their rent can’t be cheap.

31. I wish I lived in…. 7 Harrison St. Actually, I used to live in 7 Harrison before it was renovated. Do you remember how it looked like it was about to be condemned? I lived there then and there was a certain charm about it. Now they’ve fixed it up and I want to at least take a tour.

33. Pet peeve: My pet peeve is probably how Staple Street has become the pot-smoking capital of Tribeca. It’s not that I’m necessarily anti-pot. (It’s not really my thing.) I’m just anti-pot-smoking-in-public.

36. My most memorable celebrity sighting: Edie Falco said hello to me early one morning just as my dog was pooping. I waved back with a blue plastic bag over my hand. Real classy.

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  1. Love Clinton! Thanks for ensuring so many women don’t look like hot messes.

    • …And yet so many still do – there’s still work to be done. Don’t go getting complacent, Mr. Clinton Kelly.

  2. Dudley’s Paw’s lamb lung treats (aka doggie crack) are always in Huck’s mom’s pocket, as Mary knows.